About Me


Nicolas Luna, Mexican-American Painter and Printmaker

 Nicolas Luna  grew up in rural Mexico, the son of a Mexican quantum chaos physicist  and an American mother who taught, wrote, edited and translated. Part of  his youth was spent in the United States. In California, he studied  Cultural Anthropology and Art, specializing in printmaking at UCSC. As  an adult, he has lived in Germany, Hungary, and Thailand. Each place has  influenced his art and provided inspiration on his journey to find  peace in paradox. His work has been sold worldwide in such countries as  Thailand, Mexico, USA, Malaysia and Hungary. 

Artist Statement


My drawings are abstracted from various aspects of nature. Each of them is  a prospective sculptural essence. They are conceived from enhancements,  maturities, multiplications and intensification of forms. My main  subjects are people because they are a world, a landscape, and an animal  all bundled into one. My work is strongly inspired by the Mexican  muralists whose murals I grew up seeing as well as by the delicate  line-work which characterizes Thai and much of Asian art. The American  expressionists’ use of color and bold strokes are how my American side  shows itself.

 People are my inspiration. People and the relationships between them and nature and objects. Everywhere I travel I notice similarities and differences. There is a connecting line in my work just as I see a connecting line between us all as well.  

Meditations on art and its creation- Blog

A collection of Meditations on Art and its Creation as I grow as an Artist